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​Casualty-care classes are led by former Special Operations medics.

The classes are based on TCCC principles. Learn more about TCCC here.

Protect Vets was started by a former Army Special Forces officer who has witnessed the importance of TCCC on the battlefield.

Donations like yours fund the casualty-care classes and medical supplies that Protect Vets offers to veterans and aid workers.

Protect Vets is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Protect Vets provides casualty-care classes and medical kits to:

  1. Veterans who:

    • Have contacted or will contact the Ukrainian Embassy or a Ukrainian consulate for volunteer service in the International Legion of Defense of Ukraine 

    • Meet the Legion’s requirement for combat training and experience

    • Are motivated by a desire to help the people of Ukraine

  2. Licensed medical professionals (CNAs, nurses, physicians, etc.) joining established aid organizations serving in Ukraine or near the border

  3. Persons who will serve in other roles (e.g. logisticians) with established aid organization operating in Ukraine or near the border

Immediate trauma-care provided by a proficient veteran or aid worker could help save their own life, the life of a teammate, or the life of a civilian wounded by fighting in Ukraine

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